Members' Gallery Nancy Brittle September 2011


Field Trip Waiting for the Kids by Nancy Brittle

Georgia and Ruth at the Remington Festival by Nancy Brittle
The Quiltmaker by Nancy Brittle

I have always enjoyed working with images of people. After many months of plein air work, the messages from those early days in drawing and painting the figure surface, and I feel the need to explore relationships of forms, shapes, colors, and values with figures, not trees or mountains or fields.

This body of work has been completed within the last 15 months. The work is larger and looser than some of my plein air work. I have chosen images from my memories of “the event”, often rekindled by the surfacing of an old photograph. The photographs, often in black and white, are just a launching point. Something in the photo has caught my eye and made me remember. The painting then becomes, not a copy of that moment in time, but rather, an interpretation.

For this show, I have chosen to work only with figures, as an exercise, noting people caught everyday actions. My goal in moving past the moment into the process itself, where we explore paint surfaces, edges, line, and color, is to create paintings rather than just illustrations of mood, character, emotion, or storytelling.