Frederick Gallery Juror: Matt Lively July 2012: Gears, Gadgets, and Gizmos



1st Place

Contraption no. 16 by Kathryn Phillips

Contraption # 16 watercolor by Kathryn Phillips of Asheville, NC

2nd Place

There's a Great Day Coming Andy by Cathy Herndon

There's a Great Day Coming Andy assemblage by Cathy Herndon of Fredericksburg, VA

3rd Place

Dad's Phone/Reel by Victoria Warrington

Dad's Phone/Reel oil painting by Victoria Warrington of Locust Grove, VA

Honorable Mentions

Sinister Bug by Leslie Brier

Sinister Bug assemblage by Leslie Brier of Fredericksburg, VA

Working Together Brilliantly by Patricia Hil

Working Together Brilliantly pastel painting by Patricia Hill of Bowling Green, VA

Nail Machine by Steven Holsclaw

Nail Machine photograph by Steven Holsclaw of Cross Lanes, WV

Yesteryear by Karen Julihn

Yesteryear photograph by Karen Julihn of Fredericksburg, VA

Juror's Bio

Matt Lively Matt Lively internationally acclaimed artist, lives in Richmond, Virginia. He received his B.F.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1993. He has a background in film, sculpture and drawing, and is known for his unique "construction" paintings and wood collages. He creates in many non-traditional materials and oils. He is a sculptor, painter and printmaker, has taught workshops, and is an adjunct faculty member at V.C.U.

Collectors around the world own Matt Lively's work, which has been described as intelligently designed, whimsical and fun. He says his style is determined by the material he is using at the time.