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Juror:  Joseph Di Bella, Distinguished Professor of Art, has taught at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia since 1977. He served as chair of the Department of Art and Art History from 1990 to 1993 and 1996 to 1999 and Director of University Galleries from 1983 to 1988. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Ridderhof Martin Gallery at Mary Washington. From 1994 to 2003 he was co-director of the University’s program in Urbino, Italy. He holds a BA in art history from Rutgers and MA and MFA degrees in painting from Northern Illinois University. A signature member of the National Watercolor Society and affiliated with other professional art organizations, he has exhibited in regional, national and international venues.  [artist's statement]

The Frederick Gallery National Exhibit "Conceal & Reveal"
May 2nd - May 28th, 2010
Opening Reception May 7.
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by Carolyn Beever

"Conceal Yellow and Reveal Blue" -- watercolor & mixed media by Janelle Seiberlich HM awarded "Secrets" -- digital printmaking by Robert Hunter "Too Burdened to Behold Beauty" -- acrylic by Diane B Russell "Leaves of Grass" -- photography by Ann Parker "Cabbage and Basil on Piano" -- watercolor by Christopher Wynn "Farm Field No 14" -- oil on aluminum by Jane T Woodworth "Displacements" -- digital photo montage by Laura Yang
"Untitled" -- paper collage by Louise Captein
"Lube No 2" -- mixed media by Bob Worthy "Where Art Thous" -- water media by Bev Bley 3rd Place awarded "Untitled" -- woodcut by Robin Gibson "Banyon Trees No 2" -- ink drawing by Millie A Lane "Untitled No 4" -- paper collage by Louise Captein
"Verge 1" -- digital photo lokta paper by Donna B Birdwell HM awarded "Guts and Gizmos" -- pen & ink by Ernie Fournet "Down Under" -- acrylic by Carol Baker "It Comes from the Shadows" -- digital photograph collage by Carolyn Beever HM awarded "Souvenir" -- oil & acrylic on canvas by Elvira Dimitrij HM awarded "CaledonBeachResident" -- colored pencil by Carol Coffman "Tree House" -- mixed media collage by Teresa Blatt
"It's About Time" -- assemblage by Leslie Brier "North Sky" -- encaustic by Cathy Stikes 2nd Place awarded "Renewal" -- acrylic by Barbara Taylor Hall 1st Place awarded "Arise in the Sheets" -- watercolor pencil on cold press by James Lightbourne IV > "Autumn Tangles" -- watercolor by Bev Bley "Farm Field No 15" -- oil on panel by Jane T Woodworth "The Readers" -- beeswax collage by Christena W Smith
"The Living Move" -- handcolored photo by Kathy Vargas "Home Sweet Home" -- digital photograph by Rachael Carroll HM awarded "Shelter from the Storm" -- oil & enamel on metal by Patte Ormsby "Indian Beauty No 2" -- photography by Marti Belcher "On the Phone" -- oil on canvas by Nancy Brittel "Birds in a Banyan Tree" -- photograph by Jon Gerlach
"Life" -- mixed media by Passle Helminski "Shhhhh" -- digital printmaking by Robert S Hunter "Man Walking" -- digigraph by Rita Noe "Her Graceful Movements" -- mixed media collage by Leslie Brier "Summer Blooms" -- ink and watercolor by Gisele A Child "Flowers in the Rock" -- photography by Sandy Leigh Skipper
This & three following images are stills (supplied by artist) from Beneath Her Skirts video by Elizabeth White This & three previous images are stills (supplied by artist) from Beneath Her Skirts video by Elizabeth White
[These four stills, supplied by artist, are from video.]
[Images courtesy of Artists or Carolyn Beever.]
Joseph DiBella juror
Joseph DiBella, juror of Conceal & Reveal National Art Exhibit 5-10
[Image courtesy of Carrol Morgan.]
Curator's Report
Members' Gallery

If you are an artist who has been accepted into this exhibit and would like an image of your accepted artwork considered for display on this website, please send your digital image ONLY to to Jeanne Tanks.  If you are an FCCA Member, you may also send your web address along with digital of accepted artwork, if you'd also like it displayed.

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