Frederick Gallery Juror: Rob McAdams March 2011



1st Place
Reeds #2 photograph by Ed Hirschfield of Alexandria, VA
Reeds 2 by Ed Hirschfield

2nd Place
Sgt. Rock acrylic painting by Ernie L. Fournet of New Iberia, LA
Sgt. Rock by Ernie L. Fournet

3rd Place
Picture Window mixed media/digital frame by Patrick Alan Luber of Grand Forks, ND
Picture Window by Patrick Alan Luber

Honorable Mentions

610 4th Street 2002 inkjet print on wood panel by Greg Braun of Hartwood, VA

Azure Aspire oil on canvas painting by Michael Fowler of N. Augusta, SC

Dwelling ink drawing on paper by Jennifer Nelson of Grand Forks, ND

Dragonfly Waltz #4 mixed media painting by Bob Worthy of Montross, VA

Juror's Statement

Viewpoints: a way of looking at or thinking about something

I found myself selecting pieces for this show that represented a wide variety of viewpoints, both from an art making context and an intellectual perspective. I was working from the premise that the artists wanted to us to see things from a very specific perspective and it was my job to convey the range of possibilities in this eclectic exhibition. Of course, the first two requirements are always interest and quality and with over 105 entries there was plenty of both.

The ability of a photographer to capture images from interesting viewpoints is probably the most direct interpretation. Greg Braun’s "610 4th St. 20002" was an excellent piece that blurred the line between photography and painting. The visceral "Kick the habit" and "Tunnelized Lenscape" also showed a photographer's perspective. The paintings "Misteriosa" and "Sgt. Rock" made me wonder what viewpoints on life the characters in each of these very well painted pieces would have. Some images looked like interesting places to be, whether captured or constructed. Ed Hirschfield's "Reeds #2" conveyed four different viewpoints in one well-crafted piece. The original photograph allows us to construct a realistic vision of this place, the tintype style print of the reedy marsh changes our viewpoint by adding a layer of nostalgia or a refocusing towards hints of color or highlights. The drawings of the reeds below the print bring us to the viewpoint of an artist recreating and abstracting nature as simple strokes and show how even the worst possible illusion can convey the essence of a place. Patrick Alan Luber's "Picture Window" combines vanishing point and perspective 101 with a clever political viewpoint digital comic in his heavy (literally) metallic architectural treat. Enjoy the show.

I would like to thank Carrol Morgan and Bob Worthy for all of their help in presenting the submissions and of course the tasty lunch. I want to express deep gratitude to the FCCA Board and membership for giving me the opportunity to jury this show and for being so welcoming during the opening reception.

Honorable Mentions:
Greg Braun's 610 4th Street 2002 Michael Fowler's Azure Aspire Jennifer Nelson's Dwelling Bob Worthy's Dragonfly Waltz #4

Detail of Parade of Elements by Herbert Friedson

Detail from Parade of Elements, enamel on copper by Herbert Friedson

Juror's Bio

Rob McAdams was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1969. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude, in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the University of South Carolina. He believes in art for art's sake, generosity and participation. By using cutting edge technology (circa 1952), commercial and fine art production methods with popular culture influences, he blurs the boundaries between low and high art. Rob currently works on integrating the arts across K-12 curriculum as Coordinator for Partners in the Arts and is adjunct faculty with the University of Richmond School of Continuing Studies. He volunteers his time as Immediate Past-President for 1708 Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, and Arts in Education Committee Chair for the Linwood Holton Elementary School PTA.

Carrol Morgan, Frederick Gallery Curator