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  FCCA 2010 February Regional Art Exhibit

January 31 - February 26, 2010

Frederick Gallery

Laura Tenekjian, juror

Juror Laura Tenekjian speaking of 1st Place Award to painting by Ana Rendich


I would like to start off by saying that it was truly a pleasure to jury the February Regional show at the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts. The artists of our region submitted over one hundred works that varied in size, style, and medium. Since there is no designated theme or limiting factor, pretty much anything goes, and that makes for an exciting and eclectic exhibition!

Surrounded with photographs, figures, landscapes, drawings, prints, mixed media collages and abstracted images, it was my natural inclination to choose pieces that evoked an immediate emotion. I also looked for works that bore evidence of a harmonious relationship between the mind that imagines and the hand that creates. From Marti Belcherís Blue Girl digital canvas print to Mary Ellen King-Millerís colorful abstraction, I found that so many of the pieces were created with a keen sense of process and thoughtful manipulation of materials.

In Barbara Taylor Hallís Nocturne, winner of the Creative Color award, acrylic paint creates a mysterious illumination that sparks curiosity; the image is simultaneously welcoming and eerie. When I saw On the Shore by Ana Rendich, first place winner, a sense of calmness came over me as I took in the deliberate color palette and beautifully blended soft strokes. Bob Worthyís Lubec I, third place winner, takes a unique spin on traditional landscape painting. He uses layering and collage to create patterns and negative space, which suggest landscape and buildings without constructing distinct images.

As the previous FCCA show proved, small works can carry powerful meaning. In Kenny Leon Horningís minimalist work, Hand, second place winner, a creepy hand is set against a rich red splash of color that really makes this work pop. Ocean Woods by Millie A. Lane, awarded honorable mention, is an exquisitely executed ink drawing that holds its own despite being surrounded by larger pieces. Other works awarded honorable mentions include Forest Edge, in which Lynette L. Reed creates depth with patterned layering of color and texture coupled with the subtle addition of text. Sea of Cortez by Bev Bley has an illuminated quality that brings to life the images of bioluminescent organisms. Marcia C. Chavesí Cold Quiet Cambridge has a vivid purple background that contrasts nicely with neutral colored subjects, an exceptional capture of a still winter landscape.

While artists often produce work for personal reasons, the products of their inspirations can strike universal chords. That is the awesome power of art. Although it is hard to discern which works will most deeply affect the audience, the artists represented in this show have combined their sense of process and originality to create works that speak to me and, I hope, to all who view them.

Thank you to the FCCA staff for inviting me to jury this show!

Laura Tenekjian

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