About FCCA

FCCA building

The Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts (FCCA) is the oldest art center in the greater Fredericksburg area and hosts two art galleries, art classes, and various special events. It was founded by some of Fredericksburg's leading residents in October 1963. For nearly half a century FCCA has evolved into a leading visual arts center, and for the last two decades has maintained a national presence. FCCA's juried art exhibits are well subscribed and usually include artwork from nationally recognized artists, as well as from regional artists located in Virginia, Maryland, and DC. Details throughout the website.

FCCA is "the place by the river where art and history meet." Indeed, FCCA is not only an art center; it is the caretaker organization for one of Fredericksburg's historic buildings called the Silversmith's House, circa 1785. The brick filled half-timbered structure is a nice example of a middle-class family's home in the era just after the Revolutionary War. The property is also the site of Fredericksburg's first Fourth of July celebration in 1805 and was used as a forward Union hospital during both Civil War battles for Fredericksburg.

FCCA garden view

As the custodial organization for this historic building, FCCA has been engaged in some extensive renovations during the past five years. These include: a new roof, new lighting, new custom-built shutters, new signs, installation of a patio, extensive garden and grounds improvements, reconstruction of the side walls of six dormers, installation of a system of art storage racks to protect artwork awaiting hanging, installation of a new high-efficiency HVAC, renovation of the Members' Gallery, reconstructed front steps, and re-point mortar in the unique stone archway under the front porch. Skilled FCCA members provided much of the labor for many of these efforts, and it was members who also provided the bulk of the required funding for these projects.

As a nonprofit visual arts organization housed in a historic 230-year old structure, FCCA members have contributed most of the time and funding needed to ensure this historic structure will still be in existence in the future for the enjoyment of the next generation of art and history lovers. If you would like to support the artistic and historic mission of the FCCA, please consider becoming a member.

Mission Statement

As an art organization, the mission of the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts is to encourage and to promote interest in and study of the arts, including, but not be limited to:

  • art gallery exhibits and sale of art objects or written materials,
  • organization of and/or participation in events that promote art appreciation,
  • educational classes and activities that help develop individual art skills or understanding,
  • informational activities that keep FCCA members informed of art-related events and opportunities,
  • organization and coordination of events that help develop a strong art community within the greater Fredericksburg, VA region
  • fundraising events that contribute to FCCA's funding needs or funding for art education and related activities.

For the Silversmith House, our mission is to provide for maintenance, operation, and preservation of the building, garden, and fixed assets of FCCA. Our goal is to preserve the historic Silversmith House in keeping with historic integrity and promote it as a historic site in the greater Fredericksburg, VA region.