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(Born to Swim by Kathy Waltermire) FCCA Frederick Gallery Exhibits
(Born to Swim by Kathy Waltermire) FCCA Frederick Gallery Exhibits

   Small Wonders National Art Exhibit featured in FLS article "The hot month for art in the Burg"

NEWS FLASH:   Supportive Sponsor of 2011 February Regional Art Exhibit - Beautiful Expressions Photography

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NEWS FLASH:    FCCA now open Wednesdays ~ Thanks to volunteer docents!

NEWS:   New Workshop March 8th & 9th;  

NOTICE:   New Poetry Group meeting at FCCA 1pm 1st Saturday each month.
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Work to repoint the chimney of the Historic Silversmith House had to be delayed due to the cold weather in December.  That work will be done as weather permits.

Warm thank you to Kathy Waltermire for allowing FCCA to use her "Born to Swim" on 2nd-tier webpages of FCCA's new web look.

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