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General Requirements

All entries submitted to Frederick Gallery exhibitions must be original and completed within the last two years. The two year limitation encourages and promotes entering new work that is fresh to our viewing public. Original means that the work is the creation of the artist and is not a copy or version of another person's photo or artwork. Artists using reference materials should use only their own photos and sketches. The appropriation of images may be an infringement of copyright laws and illegal, as well as unacceptable in our gallery. If an artist is using borrowed images (appropriation of another's work), the work must be substantially altered in order to be considered original and may require written consent.

Works created in classes or workshops are acceptable if created free from instructor manipulation and are not a result of copying a class/instructor exemplar. Individually created set-ups and original viewpoints are essential to originality. Please contact the Curator if you have questions.

Qualifying for Prospectus Mailings via USPS

Artists who have not submitted work to a juried show for more than twelve months are removed from the mailing list. All CALL-FOR-ENTRIES submission forms are available on our website under the Frederick Gallery tab.

Please help us to save valuable resources and let me know if you no longer want to receive mailed prospectuses. Submissions to national juried shows may now be completed online electronically with fees paid through PayPal, using your preferred credit card. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Carrol Morgan
C: 540-760-6928

Members' Gallery
2015 Members' Gallery Call for Entries
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2015 Members' Gallery Call for Artists

August 29, 2014 will be the due date for the 2015 Members' Gallery portfolio submissions. So mark your calendars, maybe with a few reminders before the due date too! In 2015, the Member's Gallery will again feature up to 2 artists per month January thru November, and the holiday exhibit in December.

The portfolio requirements are the same. 2015 entries must include a completed Application (from the FCCA website or docent desk), one original artwork, and four high quality jpeg images to be mailed to Bill Hartland. CD submissions are also accepted. All 2-D and 3-D works are desired including mosaic work, textiles, pottery, drawings, sculpture, paintings, photography, lithography, screen-printing, digital graphics, or mixed media. There are no thematic requirements, although entries should best represent your creative style and vision.

As in years past, the selection process will continue to be fair, anonymous, and as confidential as possible. 3 jurors from out of town and not connected to the FCCA will convene in August to evaluate entries. In the unlikely event there are less than 22 portfolios submitted, artists of top rated portfolios will be offered a solo exhibit opportunity.

I encourage you to check out the FCCA website and follow the Call for Artists link for more application specifics. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or suggestions. We have a talented membership and this is a great opportunity for seasoned and budding artists alike!